You Could Have a Childhood Toy Worth $55,000 — Here’s How

Were you born in the 1990s? You might be sitting on a fortune!

Photo by Kreeson Naraidoo on Unsplash

Wait, Pokémon cards have a value?

Nostalgia, anyone?
These are the three most famous Pokémon from the original 151, making these cards worth a lot of money. These cards are the Chinese version, but will still sell for a high price.

If I have one of these cards, how much is it worth?

What is this ‘grading’ that you keep mentioning?

While this Charizard card is a lot newer than the base-set Charizard that is worth tens of thousands of dollars; this card is also incredibly difficult to pull, making a PSA 10 worth a lot of money.

Other signs of rarity

I have a rare card! What do I do now?

Base-set Charizard (left) is the card that will make the most money. This card is from the third printing run, which doesn’t have the first-edition logo, but has the shadows to the right of the image.
Charizard has been a fan-favourite since day one. All Charizard cards will be worth a lot in the future!

Final thoughts

Joe McCormick is a 19 year old Formula One enthusiast and aspiring journalist; writing articles about F1, technology and business on Medium and DriveTribe.

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