The art of memorisation and why it isn’t as difficult as you may think

Image: Andrew Neel via
These were some of the equations we had to learn for GCSE Physics.
Here is the same list, just in order of confidence.
Flashcards are a quick, easy and personal way of revising items. However, I find they are mainly useful for individual words or ideas, not sentences. The above example shows some flashcards from my A-Level Japanese course that we made.
Sitting in a quiet, dedicated study room is the best place to be when trying to memorise a list. Image Marc-Olivier Paquin via
I find that writing my notes by hand when trying to memorise content is much more beneficial than typing on a computer! Image: Green Chameleon via



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Joe McCormick

Joe McCormick


Joe McCormick is a 21-year old journalist, writer, podcast host, radio show host and content creator that writes about Formula 1 and his other interests.