How I Learned That Backing Up Your Work is a Good Idea

Unfortunately for me, I found out the hard way…

Joe McCormick


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Working on a website that has its own story builder is a wonderful quality-of-life feature. The fact I can log in to Medium at any time on any device that supports it and read, edit and publish my drafts is a feature that I am incredibly grateful for.

However, I recently learned the hard way that this cannot be taken for granted.

A platform that I have been writing on for almost three years, much like Medium, features a studio that gives writers all kinds of different formatting options, such as adding text, images, videos, embedding Tweets and more.

This website announced the other day that it would be closing down, and I was absolutely devastated. I posted frequently to this automotive news/social media hybrid and had built up a good following. I wrote over 260 articles and generated just under 4 million views, and all of a sudden they decide to close their doors.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

After the shock of the shut down had sunk in, I immediately started to panic when I realised that the hours and hours of work I produced to start by journalism career was going to go down the drain.

Thankfully, the staff thought of this and programmed an option into the studio to generate a PDF for each article. While this is greatly appreciated, I have found that the generation of the PDF sees some images get broken up over two pages occasionally, and some embedded content can mess up the formatting. I am very much relieved that I am able to keep all of my work for portfolio purposes, but it is still going to take hours for me to save all this work to my computer…

The quick and easy solution

As I said at the start of this piece, having a studio is a wonderful quality-of-life feature; but, putting an extra bit of effort in to saving work to your computer as soon as an article has been published will save you hours of work in the future if a website you write on unexpectedly shuts down.



Joe McCormick

Joe McCormick is a 21-year old journalist, writer, podcast host, radio show host and content creator that writes about Formula 1 and his other interests.