Joe McCormick is a 20-year old Formula One enthusiast and aspiring journalist; writing articles about F1, technology and business on Medium and DriveTribe.

Was this an intentional, or unintentional oversight?

Image: Apple Newsroom.

Last night, Apple announced their brand new range of iPhones in their third all-digital keynote of the year. We saw the announcement of Apple Silicon and all of the new operating system updates in June, followed by the new Apple Watch and iPad models last month; while yesterday’s keynote introduced…

And how many students in the UK left school with worse grades than they deserved.

Choosing the right path through education is one of the most important decisions you will make when it comes to your career. At 5-years old, you start primary school, which is the beginning of a 13-year experience that will essentially help you decide which route you would like to take…

Joe McCormick

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